In this thrilling animated series, a group of superpowered teenagers embarks on a mission to protect the fabled Book of Knowledge. This ancient tome, long thought to be an urban legend, holds the universe's entire wisdom. But in the wrong hands, it could unleash unimaginable devastation.

Kofi's journey begins during an archaeological expedition in Egypt with his father, where he stumbles upon the hidden Book of Knowledge inside a cave. Gifted with natural leadership qualities, Kofi is chosen by Ausar, the guardian of the book, to become Afro-Man, its protector. Ausar becomes Kofi's mentor, guiding him as he matures into Afro-Man, the world's smartest superhero.

With a simple cry of "Knowledge is power!" Kofi transforms from a 15-year-old boy into the formidable Afro-Man, champion of wisdom. Quickly, Kofi recruits a few close friends, and together with Wonder-Brother, they become Afro-Man & The Protectors of the Book of Knowledge.

Their adventures pit them against formidable foes, including the deranged scientist Ultra-Igno, the menacing cyborg Cyntax, the enigmatic alien X-Nar, and the formidable demigod Serapis. All these adversaries share a common goal: to seize the Book of Knowledge for themselves.

As Afro-Man and The Protectors face these villains, they must use their unique powers and intellect to safeguard the Book of Knowledge and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. It's a battle of wits, strength, and determination as they strive to preserve the world's greatest source of wisdom and protect humanity from untold peril.

Meet the Creator

Michael "KOFI" Johnson

Kofi Johnson, formerly known as Michael Johnson, is a native of Rochester, New York, with a career spanning over two decades in the multimedia industry. His transformation into Kofi Johnson took place after a profound journey to West Africa, where he rediscovered his ancestral roots and embraced a new identity deeply rooted in his heritage.

Kofi's passion for visual art was cultivated during his formative years, beginning with his education at the renowned School of the Arts High School in Rochester, New York. He continued to pursue his artistic journey through studies at The Art Institute of Atlanta and Westwood College, where he specialized in animation.

Notably, Kofi stands as one of the trailblazers in producing and self-publishing a comic book featuring an African American superhero. His commitment to leveraging his creative talents for positive impact led to a groundbreaking collaboration with the American Cancer Society. Together, they launched a special comic book series aimed at dissuading tobacco use among urban youth. This initiative extended beyond printed pages, encompassing a tour throughout the southeastern United States. During this tour, Kofi engaged in speaking engagements and served as a panelist for various discussion groups, addressing the critical issue of tobacco use among young people.

Kofi's creative genius and his contributions to the community through visual art have been featured in numerous publications, including About Time magazine, Rochester Magazine, Reality Magazine, The Sentinel, The Democrat & Chronicle, City Paper, and The Creative Loafing.

Throughout his career, Kofi has assumed diverse roles, including Marketing Director for Harbor Management, Art Director for the Boys & Girls Club, Marketing Representative for AEI Records, and Art Director for Spector Records. He also served as the Art Director for Skid-e-Kids, a social networking site for children, where he developed marketing strategies and created captivating cartoon characters featured on the platform.

In addition to his remarkable achievements, Kofi has illustrated a series of coloring books sponsored by TARGET, designed to impart essential business and life skills to the youth.

Moreover, Kofi's career journey expanded to the realm of animation, where he played a pivotal role in the release of the Afro-Man animated series. This groundbreaking series brought to life the adventures of an African American superhero, captivating audiences with its compelling narratives and cultural significance. Notably, Kofi lent his voice to many of the series' characters, infusing them with his unique energy and passion.

Kofi possesses a multifaceted skill set that encompasses storyboard artistry, comic book illustration, camera operation, and video editing. His dedication extends beyond his professional pursuits to inspire the next generation's interest in multimedia. Kofi has shared his experiences and expertise at various schools and children's organizations, leaving an indelible mark on the aspiring creators of the future.

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